Luckily for us, many nature lovers have chosen to put their reflections, experiences and expertise on the page. Here are just a handful of books that have inspired me and spurred me on to deepen my own journey into nature….

“Soulcraft” by Bill Plotkin

This is the book that started me off on this journey. Soulcraft is full of inspiring tales and practical methods anyone can use to deepen their relationship to nature. Bill draws on his background as a depth psychologist and wilderness guide to fully connect us with nature as teacher.

“Becoming Animal” by David Abram

Richly evocative and sensual, the author recounts stories of embodied adventures out of doors; including the time he shapeshifted into a raven – yep, prepare to be amazed!

“World as Lover, World as Self” by Joanna Macy

Joanna Macy is a Buddhist eco-philosopher and activist. Her central preoccupation is how to be fully present in the world whilst we as a species progressively destroy it. Here she explains the truth of our interconnectedness; giving us practices to help us experience it and not lose heart.


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