“There was a feeling of really being immersed in the experience of nature which was lovely and felt very satisfying. I enjoyed Jo’s relaxed and spacious holding of the week-end. It seemed to bring us to a place of wonder…just being in the presence of our surroundings.”

Siobhan, 2017, residential weekend

“I really felt the uniqueness of things which before I had never seen as special, and I’m finding that now I have a newfound appreciation, not just for nature and non-human beings, but for humans too.”

Meaghan, 2017, residential weekend

“Having a childlike wonder in nature reignited in me, something which I usually only experience when in the company of small children. In two words: enchanting, magical.”

Meadhbh, 2017, residential weekend

“Inspirational, adventurous and transforming! Since my injury, our first session with you two years ago had a dramatic impact on my progress in recovery. It inspired me to explore and develop interests in activities such as nature walks, bird watching, nature photography and wild camping. I had no involvement in these before! Thank you so much Jo for yet again another fantastic visit to our group.”

Vicky, 2017

“The sessions gave me simple but really effective ways to connect with nature, discovering what is there right in front of me, and bringing with it reflections on the relationship and connectedness of everything in the environment, including myself.”

Michael, 2016, residential week

“I rediscovered that childhood sense of awe, wonder and connection to nature that I was longing for and since the workshop I have been making a concerted effort to spend more time outside and visit my new found favourite trees.  Thank you Jo.”

Holly, 2016

“I felt like I was reawakening…”

Kate, 2015

“I love being out in the woods anyway but having the time and encouragement to be really mindful and in the company of like-minded others made it so much better.”

Dave, 2015

“The day made me see the extraordinary in the ordinary. I loved every minute.”

Beverley, 2015

“The session was well thought-out, with a clear plan of activities–yet these flowed into each other in an organic, almost spontaneous way. How did you manage to pack so much into a couple of hours?! The workshop opened my mind, heart and senses to new and exhilarating ways of experiencing nature.”

Gabriel, 2014, 1-1 session

“I had such a profound and calming experience chatting with a snail, which really stuck with me and I’ve had several beautiful moments of slowing down and “re-connection” with snails since then! A hugely restorative day of re-connecting with myself through re-connection with the earth.”

Ceri, 2014

“A real oasis…learning to connect to myself and be present in nature was medicine for my soul.”

Cat, 2014

“The workshop was led with a lot of sensitivity, care and awareness. My own connection with nature deepened and I felt sustained and nourished by the guidance in such a wild and beautiful setting.”

Shraddhagita, 2014

“profound and magical”

Andrea, 2013

“I learnt different ways of being with nature that have improved my confidence to try new things and get the most out of the time I spend in nature.”

Shilly, 2012

 The exercises lead me into a vivid encounter with nature as having something to tell me and show me that I wasn’t expecting. As well as being a delightful way to spend time with new and familiar people I was brought into a space where I was touched and moved very deeply. Jo’s workshops are an important contribution to our collective work of awakening our love and respect for nature.”
Tim, 2012

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