We live at a time when our experience of nature is mostly through a TV documentary or the view from a train window. As a result, we can feel separate from nature; it can seem dead to us, a legitimate resource for us to use as we please. Failing to deeply understand our intimate connection with it, we find ourselves living in a time of unprecedented human-made ecological crisis.

I offer experiential workshops to help us rediscover our connectedness with nature and our place within it. Immersing ourselves in our wild surroundingswe will explore our relationship to nature with the aim of developing a renewed vitality and sense of belonging in the more-than-human world. We will work individually, in pairs and as a whole group, with a focus on using our senses and inhabiting the environment mindfully.  By gently contacting our childhood wonder and delight in our natural surroundings, we may discover that this whole planet is in fact, our home…

Find out more about me, Jo Goldsmid.

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